Americans should be concerned about the toppling of statues and attempted erasure of American history, Venezuelan political activist and TikToker Elizabeth Rogliani cautioned Tuesday.

In an interview on "The Ingraham Angle"  with host Laura Ingraham, Rogliani warned that these actions mark a "slippery slope" toward a potential "cultural revolution."


"I don't think they're seeing past what's going to happen next because they're thinking these are just symbols of oppression," she noted. "But, I had a lot of friends [who] told me, 'Oh, it's just the Confederate statues.' And, I said, 'No, it's not going to be just the Confederate statues. Just wait and see.' This is a slippery slope."

According to Rogliani, any and all symbols of American history are now on the chopping block.

"Founding Fathers are going to be attacked. Religious symbols are going to be attacked. And next, probably, museums." she predicted. "I mean, anything can be attacked if you just let it happen. If you just let the first ones come down, then [there are] no limits to what's next."

Rogliani told Ingraham where New York State Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo sees a good "statement about equality" and "a healthy expression," she sees something else.

"It's an attempt to change the identity of the country. That's my opinion. And, that's what they did to us," she said. "Of course, it was different. At that point, they already had taken the government. But, at this point, they're trying to change the national identity and they're trying to destroy the system. And, if they get to the government, they'll do it. They certainly will do it."

Ingraham asked Rogliani if there was the potential for other countries to be involved in creating anarchical chaos in the United States.


"I wouldn't be surprised if they are involved," she replied.

"In fact, another of those videos that I made on TikTok -- I was talking about how the Venezuelan regime was involved in the protests that are going now. And, we saw the emblems of the [Black Lives Matter (BLM)] founders being an ally to the Venezuelan regime. I saw pictures of them in 2015 of the co-founders of the BLM movement went to Venezuela....and said that she was happy to be in a place with intelligent political discourse," concluded Rogliani.