In the latest episode of Fox Nation's "Deep Dive," Bill McGurn sat down with a panel of experts to discuss President Trump's long-awaited Middle East peace plan and why it stands out from those of previous administrations.

"What I think is different in this case is ... we've [previously] had a lot of photo ops ... some nice plans that were two to three pages," former George H.W. Bush official Don Bramer said, adding that previous proposals left much to be negotiated.

"What this is, is a detailed plan moving forward. It gives both sides a framework where ... they have a basis to compromise, make an agreement and move forward."


The plan, which took three years to draft, drew skepticism ahead of its unveiling as many have dubbed the conflict in the region to be virtually unsolvable. Previous administrations have tried and failed to bring both the Israelis and the Palestinians to the negotiating table.

Scott Feltman, executive VP of One Israel Fund, said that while we have seen "many peace plans in the last quarter-century," he is optimistic about the new proposal.

"For the first time, the existing [Israeli] settlements are recognized in writing, which lends to the falsehood that we were an occupying nation all these years," he said.

The plan proposes a Palestinian state in parts of the West Bank but would allow Israel to annex its settlements in the occupied territory. The plan would also allow the Palestinians to establish a capital on the outskirts of East Jerusalem but would leave most of the city under Israeli control.


"What's interesting to me is that this plan, as opposed to seeking things we wish for, it seems to be drawn up based on realities on the ground," McGurn said.

Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce highlighted Israel's support of a plan that provides defined borders.

"I think there are a couple of other things that are unique about this," she explained. "This is the first time where Israel is putting support behind a plan that provides defined borders, a real map that people can see. "


"I think the other element that's new here is a Trumpian philosophy and activity that we're already seeing in the Middle East ... of what America is willing to put up with," Bruce added.

Palestinian officials publically rejected the plan Tuesday calling it "dead on arrival."

Feltman said he travels to the region frequently and questioned whether ordinary Palestinians truly oppose a deal that would enhance their quality of life and lead to significant opportunities for their families.

"There are many Palestinians who would be very supportive of improving their lives and jobs and opportunities and economic development," he said.

"Every living creature wants safety for their family, to live in peace and enjoy peace, and it looks reasonable and possible for the average Palestinian," Bruce chimed in.

Bruce also called for an "emotional movement" and an acceptance that peace in the region is attainable, albeit difficult.

"There has to be an emotional movement of recognizing 'Wait, this can occur' and that's when leadership changes," she said. "If leadership is a terrorist framework, then, of course, they're going to resist because they want the elimination of the Jewish people and the Jewish state."

The plan calls for a two-state solution which would be achieved only if Palestinians reach certain benchmarks laid out in the 180-page proposal. Those benchmarks include rooting out terrorism, stopping so-called “pay to slay” programs, implementing steps toward free speech and other political reforms.

"This plan says to the world we are providing something here that everyone can agree with and if there's resistance it's because in fact, this is about genocide."

— Tammy Bruce, Fox Nation host

"This plan says to the world we are providing something here that everyone can agree with and if there's resistance it's because in fact, this is about genocide," Bruce concluded.

"It's not really about a two-state solution which terrorists have never really wanted," she continued. "That's just been the excuse to further attack the Jewish people."

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