DNC chairman predicts what could bring down Trump in 2020

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez claimed "Trump fatigue" is one of several factors that will be in voters' minds in 2020 that will lead to a Democrat taking the White House.

Perez told Martha MacCallum Monday on "The Story" that President Trump has been losing ground in key states, and pointed to an evening rally in Republican-friendly Kentucky as a key example of that.

"This president is underwater in battleground states," he said, claiming Trump has left a "trail of broken promises" in his wake.

"The difference between 2016 and now is, they've had three years of Donald Trump and there's Trump fatigue because he has broken so many promises relating to the fundamental pocketbook issues about health care, about making sure that auto workers -- there's never going to be a plant closure, he said multiple times."


Speaking about Trump's rally for Gov. Matt Bevin in Lexington, Ky., Monday evening, Perez claimed Trump had to travel to the Bluegrass State because purportedly friendly territory has become less and less friendly to the president.

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"He won Kentucky by 30 points and he has to go down there tonight because you have such a close race. Across America, he's underwater, including in battleground states, because he's broken so many promises."

Perez claimed Trump turned Wisconsin into "the farm bankruptcy capital of America," and said he broke promises to industrial workers in the Rust Belt.

"It was the Democrats who saved the auto industry in 2009 and the Republicans who have presided over now a manufacturing recession and people in Ohio who trusted him. And he broke those promises."

Regarding impeachment, Perez invoked Benjamin Franklin, claiming the early American statesman warned America against people like Trump.


"Ben Franklin... was asked, 'do we have a republic or a monarchy?' And, he said, 'a republic -- if you can keep it'," he recalled.

"This is the obligation that every member of Congress took to defend and uphold, the Constitution of the United States. Nobody has any glee about this, but when you have such a blatant abuse of power -- it's simply un-American to ask a foreign leader -- a foreign country -- to interfere in an election."

Fox News' Martha MacCallum contributed to this report.