Shannon Bream shares emotional story about husband's cancer battle: We cried 'tears of joy' in Pizza Hut

Fox News host Dana Perino recently sat down with her friend and "Fox News @ Night" anchor Shannon Bream to discuss Bream's new book, “Finding the Bright Side: The Art of Chasing What Matters."

On  Fox Nation's "Dana Perino's Book Club," Bream said the book included everything from her upbringing and family struggles, to her career path and the hurdles she faced along the way. She also went into detail discussing her life as Miss Virginia and Miss Florida, and her decision to attend law school, where she graduated with honors from Florida State University College of Law.

Bream opened up about what drove her to write the deeply personal book, and the emotional toll it took on her and her family during the process.

"Any book that you're writing about your life, there are tough chapters that you've gotten through, you've survived them, and kind of closed them up," she said.

"But when you have to go and reopen that wound, that was a little hard to write about -- but I said if I'm going to write a book and be transparent, you have to share the good and bad."

Perino mentioned one chapter that brought her to tears. Shannon wrote about the time her husband, Sheldon, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 24 as they were planning their wedding.

"It just takes the wind out of your sails...everything in your life stops and all you're thinking about is how do we get through this, how do we survive this," said Bream.

She also shared stories about the happier moments during that period, one of which took place at Pizza Hut when her husband was finally free of the facial paralysis that followed his extensive surgeries for six months.

"We're sitting in Pizza Hut, and I saw the corner of his mouth twitch and I thought to myself that's where they said it would start," she recalled.

"I rummaged through my purse for my compact and he looks at it and we just start jumping around Pizza Hut like two crazy people hugging each other with tears of joy."


"People who have gone through tough struggles, if you're alongside them and you love them, it's hard to see them suffer, and it was the first bit of joy I'd seen in him in several months, so it was a light," Bream said.

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