Sondland hearing exposes impeachment inquiry as 'thoroughly corrupt and tyrannical': Mark Levin

Wednesday's impeachment hearing on Capitol Hill featuring Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union,  was another example of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff orchestrating an unfair and corrupt inquiry process against President Trump, "Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin said.

"The American system and the American people have never, ever seen a process like this -- ever," the radio host claimed on "The Mark Levin Show" on Westwood One.

"It is thoroughly corrupt and tyrannical -- while they're trying to paint the president as corrupt and tyrannical," Levin continued.

"The American system and the American people have never, ever seen a process like this -- ever. It is thoroughly corrupt and tyrannical."

— Mark Levin


It appeared Democrats were eager to hear from Sondland because, unlike some previous witnesses, Sondland was appointed directly by Trump himself, Levin noted.

"They're not even witnesses for all intents and purposes," he said. "That is, they have no idea what the president of the United States actually said or did because they never spoke with him [and] never met with him and know nothing about him."

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"But Mr. Sondland is different, you see," Levin added, describing the Democrats' argument. "He was appointed by Trump -- he had many discussions with Trump. He can remember some, he can't remember others."

Levin also claimed former President Barack Obama wasn't held to the same standard in regard to providing sufficient defense resources to Ukraine.


"If Donald Trump had followed the status quo of the prior administration ... Ukraine wouldn't get a penny in offensive military armaments, not a penny, because that was the official policy of the Obama administration, of the John Kerry State Department, in which these longtime State Department employees worked -- and I don't remember them jumping up and down over that."

In addition, Levin claimed several media pundits commenting on the Sondland testimony weren't acting like the impartial legal analysts they were cracked up to be.

One analyst, Levin claimed, floated that Trump could be brought up on an obstruction-of-Congress impeachment article because of the testimony thus far.