Fox News host Laura Ingraham said the U.S. will be paying for the "Fauci effect" for a generation, "perhaps more." The former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci testified before Congress Monday about pandemic-era restrictions like social distancing and mask mandates. 


LAURA INGRAHAM: It just gets better and better. Now, the truth is, we gave too much power to a power-hungry bureaucrat with a fancy title and almost entirely abandoned true scientific principles, the Constitution and common sense. Now, beyond the social distancing farce, the truth that that guy abandoned or downplayed – cloth masks don't work. Viruses attenuate. Natural immunity is real. Mandating experimental shots that don't prevent transmission is unconscionable. Children need to be in school. China can't be trusted. You can't leave the liquor stores open and close the churches, Tony. And finally, we have a First Amendment. Ever heard of it? 

But even today, you sense that Fauci wishes there was more, not less, censorship. 

They all didn't listen to Tony. They wanted to actually survive. Well, perhaps the best comment on the Fauci reemergence was from Clifton Duncan on X. He wrote, "Your business went under while Fauci went to baseball games. Your mother died alone in a nursing home while Fauci did photo shoots. Your child hang themselves from despair while Fauci hobnobbed with celebs. People got divorced. People severed lifelong friendships. People lost decades long careers. People were trapped with abusers. People overdosed and killed themselves. People lost out on proms and graduations. People lost loved ones that could have been saved. People are injured by a shot they didn't want. All because we decided to trust the science. That, of course, being Anthony Fauci, according to Anthony Fauci."

We can never, and I mean never, let happen to this country again, what happened under him. We're going to be paying for the Fauci effect for a generation, perhaps more. His imperiousness on the Hill today is simply further evidence that he was the wrong man at the wrong time, to help formulate a common sense plan to deal with the Wuhan flu. And that's "The Angle."