Janice Dean highlights positive stories in a time of pandemic: We need empathy, kindness 'now more than ever'

America needs positive stories amid the coronavirus pandemic more than ever, Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean said.

Appearing on "Fox News @ Night" on Monday with host Shannon Bream, Dean said that when the United States comes to the "end of the tunnel" on the COVID-19 outbreak, these stories are going to be the ones our country needs the most.


"I think it's — now more than ever it's important to see these stories and to highlight them and to do more of them," said Dean. "And, it's something I'm certainly talking to my boys about when I see them every day and teach them their lessons."

Bream cited two particularly heartwarming community outreach stories. In North Texas, a relief Facebook group sent out the call for help running errands and getting food and supplies for those who couldn't and over 4,000 people responded. In Florida, a woman at a Publix market checkout line paid for the groceries of the man in front of her who had just lost his job of over 30 years. She also gave him a gift card, so he and his family could continue to afford food for the next month.

"I see this when we cover a storm. I do the weather, obviously you know that, and whenever we see a big storm and people start coming out -- it's neighbors helping neighbors. It's strangers helping others. It doesn't have any — no one knows who anyone voted for. It takes politics out of it," Dean remarked.


"We're all connected. We're all human beings," she continued. "And, I think hearing more of these stories and doing more of this, we can connect to each other."

"And, what we're going to remember at the end of this is stories like these, the touching moments that we're seeing on social media – that you're talking about on your show – that inspire empathy, inspire happiness, inspire kindness, and that's what we need now more than ever," Dean told Bream.