Chris Wallace shares warning on 'cancel culture': It could turn around real quick

Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday,” shared a warning on the so-called cancel culture sweeping the nation, saying it could be your viewpoint that is targeted next.

“It may be what somebody you don’t like is saying and you are OK with the cancel culture, but tomorrow it might be something that you say or something that you believe that’s being canceled out,” Wallace told “Fox News @Night” on Wednesday.

“So be careful about cancel culture, because it could turn around real quickly," he said.

Wallace made the comments after host Shannon Bream noted that cancel cultural could include “the meer questioning of the Black Lives Matter platform or demands” as well as comments “praising police [which] is generally good, [but now] could mean getting suspended or terminated from your job.”

Bream pointed to the headline, “Frankly, We Should All Give a Damn About Cancel Culture” on podcast host Buck Sexton’s website.

According to the website, Sexton said, “This is not going to stop.”

He added, “The left is emboldened right now—and you see this among fundamentalists—religious and political movements throughout history that they attack elements of the culture."

Bream asked Wallace, “What do you make of where we are right now?”

“Your staff sent me some of the examples of what’s happening now, where people are saying things as mild as ‘Gee, going out to these Black Lives Matter protests might be dangerous because of the virus’ or people saying ‘all lives matter,’” Wallace said in response.

He acknowledged that “there is no place for racism and, if it is a truly racist remark, I think that’s the kind of thing that can and should get you fired.”


“But simply to say ‘all lives matter’ or to raise an issue about whether or not it is dangerous, as some public health officials are saying, to have these mass rallies and people being next to each other without masks, and to lose your job over that or to be the target of thousands of tweets, it goes way too far,” he went on to explain.


Wallace had referenced the protests that have been taking place across the country following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while in police custody after a white police officer was seen on video kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes.