Ben Domenech outed U.S. "cultural, business, and academic elites" whom he said the Communist Party of China "bought and paid for a thousand times over" Wednesday on "Fox News Primetime."

"The CCP is actively engaged in an effort to undermine our American way of life," Domenech said. " … But China is doing this with the active cooperation of our fellow Americans. Their partners in this project aren't just malevolent spies manipulating doofus California congressmen. It's none other than our own cultural, business and academic elites who[m] they have bought and paid for a thousand times over. Our elites now operate hand-in-glove with the Communist Party of China, doing its bidding even when it harms the freedoms and rights that are the birthright of every American."

The Fox News host called out actor John Cena, National Basketball Association player LeBron James, Apple, Amazon, Intel, American universities, the Walt Disney Company, and the Biden administration, saying they sold out to the CCP.


Notably, the lone U.S.-based major institution "willing to stand up to the CCP" in 2021 was the Women's Tennis Association. The WTA suspended its Chinese operations after China "quasi-imprison[ed]" Peng Shuai, a Chinese tennis player who levied a sexual assault allegation against former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, Domenech added.

The WTA sacrificed growth and revenue in a lucrative market because "there was something the communists could not buy from them — decency, dignity, and the truth," he continued.

The CCP's attempts at "subverting and ending American freedom" are partly due to "power politics," Domenech said.

"But it's something more than that," he added. "Mostly, they do it because the Communist Party of China believes it is locked in a life-or-death struggle with the United States, and unlike us, it acts accordingly."

It acts by following the agenda outlined in Document Number Nine, whose sole purpose was to identify the enemy to the CCP.

The enemy's weapons are Western constitutional democracy; Western freedom, democracy, and human rights; civil society; individual rights; freedom of the press; the separation of powers; the multi-party system; general elections; independent judiciaries; and nationalized armies, according to its general office.

"All these things, according to Document Number Nine, are mortal threats to communist rule," Domenech said. " … But this is also … a list of threats to the rule of our own elites, our own corrupt titans, our own complacent political class. Are you awake? Do you see how the threat at home and the threat abroad are one and the same? Common enemies make common cause, and they depend on our divisions to rule."


Domenech ended his monologue by calling the loss of American jobs due to a severance of Chinese ties a "lie." He urged the United States to develop "the world's highest standard of living without [China] … again."