"They're giving a master's degree on misinformation," said retired U.S. Marine and Fox News contributor Johnny "Joey" Jones, talking about the gun control proposals offered by the Democrats on the stage of the fourth presidential primary debate in Westerville, Ohio.


CNN debate moderator Anderson Cooper kicked off one back-and-forth, asking former Rep. Beto O’Rourke of Texas to explain how his proposed mandatory gun buyback program would work if "people do not want to give them up and you don't know where they are?"

O'Rourke responded, but appeared not to answer Cooper's question.


"If someone does not turn in an AR-15 or an AK-47, one of these weapons of war, or brings it out in public and brandishes it in an attempt to intimidate... then that weapon will be taken from them," said O'Rourke. "If they persist, there will be other consequences from law enforcement."

O'Rourke continued: "If the logic begins with those weapons being too dangerous to sell then it must continue by acknowledging with 16 million AR-15s and AK-47s out there, they are also too dangerous to own... every single one of them is a potential instrument of terror."

In one of the most viral moments from the third Democratic presidential primary debateO’Rourke – whose hometown of El Paso, Texas was still recovering from a mass shooting in August – suggested support for confiscating assault-style weapons by saying: "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47."

During Fox Nation's post-debate analysis, Jones said: "I can shoot holes through Beto's words since he began with this.  I'm glad he finally educated himself a little bit.

"He's been saying there are 10 million ARs and AKs, tonight he said 16 million, perhaps by the last debate he'll get the number right, which is about 20 million produced and enough parts and pieces to make another 100 million."


South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg also took issue with the Texas Democrat's answer on Tuesday night, saying during the debate that O'Rourke had not articulated any reasonable way forward on gun control.

"Congressman, you just made it clear that you don't how this is actually going to take weapons off the streets," said Buttigieg. "We can't wait for universal background checks that we finally have a shot to get through... we cannot wait for purity tests.  We just have to get something done."

Jones said he believes that all of the Democrats on the debate stage are misleading Americans in the gun control debate.

"The way they use this misinformation is they poll and they find these words... for this issue it's universal background checks," Jones said.  "What universal background checks really mean is revocation of person-to-person sale of firearms, which means the only way to do that is through registration, full registration, a registry."

The problem with universal backgrounds is two-fold, according to Jones. First, he argued that the federal government is incapable of effectively instituting such a comprehensive program.

"I was stopped by the FBI at a New York City airport because they thought my passport was in Baghdad last year," he said. "My point is the government can't use their own systems correctly... if you apply for a 'Class-3' firearm it could take three months or 12 months, under the same name, so the point is we can't use the systems we have today correctly, why would the American people hand the federal government the opportunity to screw it up even more."

Second, Jones contends that many Americans, who support the 2nd Amendment, don't fully understand the gun control debate, and Democrats take advantage of that.

"[Democrats] use universal background checks because they know the American people -- the portion of them that aren't experienced with firearms, believe that means what happens today, which is when you walk into a gun store you do a background check to purchase a firearm," concluded Jones. "The American people believe that's what they're trying to sell now... a lot of those Americans that aren't experienced on the issue do believe in the 2nd Amendment and support the American's right to use it."

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Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report