Texas middle schooler with disability makes touchdown

Jose Cardoso is one of the biggest supporters of his Mesquite, Texas, middle school’s football team, and when the honorary player attended a recent game he got the surprise of his life when he was given a chance to get on the field.

Cardoso, who is in seventh grade, uses a wheelchair and cheers for his team at every practice and game, Fox 4 reported. On Monday, his coaches and AC New Middle School Knights teammates— with the blessing of the opposing team— planned for him the score the winning touchdown of the last home game of the season. Jose’s twin brother, Angel, wheeled him 60 yards for the touchdown.

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Jose, whose disability was not disclosed, is full of good advice and encouragement for his classmates, his brother said.

“He helps all the teammates feel better themselves and also push them farther so that way they can surpass their limitations,” Angel told Fox 4. “He never gets bugged if we lose or win. He always keeps on a smile.”

Monday’s surprise left the spectators cheering.

"The crowd was yelling his name. I can tell you, for coaches, we're not supposed to be the emotional guys, but we were tearing up,” coach Sergio Gonzalez told Fox 4. “We were excited and just proud of our whole team and proud of our community."