Doctors remove 9-inch fork lodged in man's stomach for 10 years

Doctors discovered a 9-inch fork inside a man who had been admitted to a hospital complaining of stomach pains, BBC News reported.  The man said he had swallowed the fork a decade ago, while "messing around."

Lee Gardner, 40, was taken to Barnsley Hospital in the U.K. after vomiting blood and suffering stomach cramps. Gardner said when he accidentally swallowed the fork 10 years ago, a doctor told him the utensil would pass through his system naturally, leading him to forget about the event.

However, he remembered the fork when doctors used a camera to look inside his stomach to find the source of his problems.

"While they were looking inside me with the camera, the doctor said, 'Are you sure you've not swallowed anything?' I said no but when he asked again, 'Are you sure? I can see prongs of what appears to be a fork,’ I remembered accidentally swallowing one years and years ago,” Gardner told BBC News.

The prongs of the fork had caused an ulcer in his stomach that had led to internal bleeding.

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Doctors said the surgery to extract the fork took approximately 45 minutes.

"Lee is extremely lucky that the fork hasn't caused more damage, but we are confident he will make a full recovery,” consultant general surgeon Dr.  Hanis Shiwani told BBC News.

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