Toddler who swallowed 8 magnets faces long road to recovery

A boy who swallowed eight magnetic beads a month ago faces a long road to recovery, FOX 8 News reported.

One-year-old Braylon Jordan, from Kiln, Mississippi, has been in the ICU at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans for three weeks.  He had to undergo seven surgeries to repair the damage the magnets caused.

Doctors removed most of Braylon’s intestines, and he now has to eat through a feeding tube.  Braylon will need an intestinal transplant before he can eat normally again.

"I would say probably 90 percent of his intestines have been lost," Dr. Adam Noel, a gastroenterologist, told Fox 8 News.

Parents rushed Braylon to the hospital on April 3 after he had been vomiting for two days.  An X-ray revealed the magnets in a line inside his body.

The Jordans said it was from an adult desk toy in their home, though they did not see Braylon swallow them.

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