Docs baffled by 4-year-old who looks like old man

Bayzid Sikder, 4,  loves playing soccer and cuddling with his grandfather, but, in a medical mystery, the Bangladeshi boy looks more like his elder relative than he does a young child.

Bayzid, of Magura, Bangladesh, has sagging skin and wrinkles, and has suffered numerous health complications since birth, Barcroft Media reported.

"We have consulted many doctors,” Lavlu Hossain Sikder, Bayzid’s father, told Barcroft. None of them were able to identify the root cause of his illness.

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The family has tried different types of medications, but nothing helped their son.

One local doctor believes he can make a full recovery, but that the potentially expensive medication could hold up treatment.

Bayzid was born skinny and weak, his father said, and his health is unstable.

"His liver and kidneys don’t function well and because of this he has issues urinating— at times he doesn’t go for days,” his father told Barcroft.

Luckily,  Bayzid is unaware of his physical differences from other children, though passersby often stare.

“At times people make fun of his looks, but others also share their sympathy and even offer to buy food and toys,” Tripty Begum, his mother, told Barcroft. Begum was 14 years old when she gave birth to Bayzid, her first child.

The family is determined to find a cure.

"Though Bayazid looks different from others, he is still a part of society and deserves to be in it like everyone else,” Begum said.