Bodybuilder with cerebral palsy hailed an inspiration as video of him flexing goes viral

A Virginia man showing off his physical prowess isn’t just doing it for looks— he’s showing people that determination can overcome circumstances. Steve Alexy, 43, has cerebral palsy and, though he was once told he wouldn’t walk, walked into a gym in 2011 and has been training ever since.

“I wish the doctors that told my parents I would never walk could see me today,” Alexy told WVEC.

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Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that primarily affects body movement and muscular control. Individuals may suffer stiff muscles, uncontrollable movements and poor balance and coordination, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Alexy has competed five times in the Organization of Competition Bodies bodybuilding contents and took home six trophies.

During his most recent competition in September, a fan filmed him flexing and stage and shared the video on social media where over 6 million people have watched the nearly minute-long display of strength.

Alexy and his longtime trainer, Chris Lovelette, hope to inspire other individuals with disabilities to test their physical limits.

“I may have a disability, but I am not disabled,” Alexy told WVEC.