Sneak peek at the Oscars celebrity goodie bags

Awards may not be handed out for the best snacks during awards season, but the next best thing is ending up in one of the super selective celebrity gift bags given out during the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards—a privilege afforded to only a few select purveyors of fine foods.

The bags are handed out at celebrity gifting suites (and each one is worth in the tens of thousands of dollars) prior to the big events and are filled with everything from all-expenses paid vacations to expensive electronics and delicious treats. Cooks and confectioners fly thousands of miles to attend this weekend’s festivities.

Jasmine Marjanovic left Canada on Wednesday to arrive in Los Angeles in time for the big weekend with her cranberry condiments, Cranberries Naturally, in tow. She will be giving out bags filled with her jars of Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly and Cranberry Mustard at the Avalon Hollywood Hotel. The trip, she tells Fox News, was well worth it.

“It gives Cranberries Naturally a Hollywood spin, which has been huge so far when it comes to all of the media I have received in the last few weeks...if I had really deep pockets I couldn't have afforded it,” Marjanovic said. “The world wants to look like celebrities, dress like them and eat like them, so in many ways it is bringing us as close as we can get to the fame of it all."

We were given an advance peak at some of the other fabulous foods given to A-listers attending the awards this weekend and they made our mouths water faster than watching George Clooney give an acceptance speech.

At the GBK Pre-Oscar Celebrity Gift Lounge, Oscar attendees will receive bags filled with California Caviar Company’s customized caviar collection, a choice of four different caviars in a caviar cooler with blini and crème fraiche.

Tickle Belly Desserts will gift three customized cake pops for the event and Obsessive Confection Disorder will be gifting their vegan caramels made from mouth-watering  organic coconut milk, coconut butter, cocoa butter and locally grown seasonal produce. The Bread Basket Cake Company will be gifting their creamy rich dark chocolate red velvet truffles and a gift certificate for an 8-inch custom cake.

Apple Revolution will be hand delivering their signature caramel apples to celebrities this weekend. Each of the 250 Granny Smith apples is custom crafted and designed by hand before being topped with a bow. They each take approximately 20 minutes to create.

After all that eating, the stars may want to take a dietary breather. Thankfully, gift bags will also include a wellness package filled with thinkThin nutrition bars and a special golden ticket for a year's supply of thinkThin protein bars.

Getting their product into the hands of the rich and famous is a dream for any small business person. Ally Sinclair, master chocolatier of Cocopotamus Chocolates, first got her sweets into the hands of celebrities at last year’s Oscars. She and her husband Max, who co-owns the company, came back to Los Angeles this year for the Golden Globes.

And the A-listers were actually grateful. That was the best part about the trip for Sinclair. Many of the celebrities, among them cast members from “Modern Family” and “Glee”, remembered their favorite Cocopotamus flavors from last year.

“It was so fun for us because we know we have a lot of celebrity customers because we see their names when they order the chocolate, but to hear their feedback and their comments was really fun for us. It’s so much more personal than just seeing, ‘Oh Chaka Khan just ordered chocolate,’” Sinclair said. “When we saw people again this year they were so happy to tell us what they liked best and what flavors they have eaten in the past year.”