"Valar ipradtis."

A New York City location of Shake Shack has debuted two “Game of Thrones”-themed fast-food items ahead of the final season’s premiere episode, but only those who speak High Valyrian will be able to order.

The Dracarys Burger ($10.99) and Dragonglass Shake ($6.79), available starting April 4 at the burger joint’s Madison Park Location, will only be granted to customers who at least attempt to pronounce the names of the items in the fictional Valyrian language spoken by some of the characters on the HBO series.


Not fluent in Valyran just yet? Shake Shack has released a guide to some of the phrases a customer might need. For instance, “I would like Dragonglass Shake” would be pronounced, “JIGH-lahn ZEER-tom PEHR-za-mee ro-LEET-sohs.”

JIGH-lahn ZEER-tom PEHR-za-mee ro-LEET-sohs. Please. (Shake Shack)

Shake Shack has also provided a description of the burger and the shake, though it doesn't go a long way toward explaining what customers might actually be ordering. Per Shake Shack:

"The Dracarys Burger (Drakaro Parkliapos) features a double Monterey Jack cheeseburger sourced from the finest head of cattle The Seven Kingdoms has to offer. Griddled by the fires of Drogon and Rhaegal, the burger is then topped with a fiery ShackSauce created from herbs and spices sourced from the conquered cities of Yunhai, Meeren and Astapor. The final touch are slabs of bacon imported from Essos — a Dothraki delicacy. Caution: may be too hot for non-Targaryens.

"In keeping with Shake Shack’s (Rholītso Rhakion's) commitment to premium ingredients + thoughtful sourcing, the Dragonglass Shake (Zīrtom Perzomy Rholītsos) is a prime example of the Wall to Table movement. Custard is frozen with packed snow harvested beyond the Wall and hand-churned by members of the Night’s Watch. Final prep occurs in Winterfell, where the shake is topped with shards of Dragonglass imported from the caves of Dragonstone. Please note, supplies are limited as the Wall is currently undergoing major renovations."

However, a representative for the restaurant did clarify that the Dracarys Burger is a "double Monterey Jack cheeseburger topped with bacon and fiery Shack Sauce" — the sauce itself containing a blend of Carolina Reaper and chipotle pepper — while the Dragonglass Shake is made with "minted white chocolate custard topped with shards of Dragonglass" (i.e., shiny toffee).


Both the burger and the shake will only be available for a limited time (through April 21 and May 19, respectively) while supplies last, a Shake Shack representative confirmed.

That same representative, however, failed to confirm what would happen if a customer accidentally ordered in the Dothraki tongue.