This brings new meaning to the term "brown bagging it."

GreenBottle, an eco-friendly packaging company based in the U.K., will be launching its first U.S. paper wine bottle in a partnership with California wine producer Truett-Hurst.  “Paperboy” -- a 2012 red blend from Paso Robles -- will be the first wine in a paper bottle to be sold globally after making its American debut this week.

The bottle is made out of a compressed recycled paper and is printed with natural inks. Inside is an ultra-thin plastic liner like you find in a box of wine.  Not only is it just a seventh of the weight of an average glass bottle, you can even put it in an ice bucket for three hours without it falling apart.

“We also know that consumers will revel in the safe portability and unique easy-pouring characteristics of GreenBottle, as well as the improved insulation properties, all of which combine to make it a great choice for out of home consumption as well,” GreenBottle’s managing director Mark Eaves told The Drinks Business.

GreenBottle currently sells a range of sustainable packaging products including bottles for milk, juice and even household cleaning products, and these bottles have been available throughout Great Britain for over a year.  Aside from being lighter to carry, the bottles require less energy to produce, cutting down on the carbon footprint created by glass manufacturing. As an added bonus, GreenBottle claims wine chilled in their bottles will stay cooler longer.

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You can find Paperboy in Safeway stores.