New Jersey man says he's eaten pizza every night for nearly 40 years

What’s for dinner? For one New Jersey man, it’s definitely going to be pizza.

Mike Roman, a teacher from Hackensack, recently revealed he has consumed the dish nightly for the past 37 years.

The 41-year-old told discussed his unusual routine on the “New Theory” podcast.

“I think my mom gave in, and every time I said, ‘I don’t want this’ or, ‘I don’t want that,’ she’s like, ‘OK, you don’t have to have that,’ so … it must have — cause I really don’t remember that far back — how I ended up eating pizza every day,” he told “New Theory” podcast host Tom La Vecchia in an interview posted online Sept. 14. “That must have been the way it happened.”

Roman has always been a creature of habit.

“Yeah, I had peanut butter every day even in grade school,” he admitted. “I’d go home for lunch, and my mom would make me peanut butter. She’d put a heart in it.”

For roughly a decade in the working world, Roman said he consumed pizza for lunch “just about every day” before going back to peanut butter.

Pizza has also played a role in his dating life.


"There’s a lot of good restaurants out here that I would say, ‘Let’s go here, ‘cause I know they got good pizza and if you want pizza, it’s really good, and if not, there’s a lot of other stuff,’” he said.

Roman tied the knot last year — and said he chowed down on the meal on his wedding night.

“We had it for the cocktail hour like a pizza stand and I had some,” he explained. “And they came out at our table, they brought a pizza for me and I had it again.”

He feasted on the dish during his Aruba honeymoon, too.

“There hasn’t really been any health issues,” he said. “My cholesterol and triglycerides or whatever were higher than —  I guess at one point —  a few years ago ... but in the last couple of years it went down a little more every time.”

A late August physical, he added, "came back very good."

Roman admitted to sticking with the familiar in more ways than one.

“It’s like, you gotta eat cause you’re hungry and that’s how it’s always been," he said. “I’ve also always pretty much watched the same shows, movies, listened to the same bands, and did the same things, for about 40 years, nothing really changed. So pizza just kinda went along with it.”


But when Roman was asked if he’d rather give up pizza or sex, the 41-year-old said there’s no contest.

“I guess I’d have to learn to have, you know, cereal for dinner, and French toast or pancakes,” he said. “IHOP’s open, so that’s not a problem.”

Roman’s lifestyle received mixed reviews on social media.

“New spirit animal #PizzaMood #pizzatime,” one user wrote.

“#Lifegoals,” another added.

"Okay, this isn’t making my home state of NJ look good. But this is so shocking, I had to share,” one woman wrote.