Sunday, being Father's Day, Joseph Gibson wanted to get some chicken with this young son at a St. Louis-area bar he liked called Friendly's Sports Bar & Grill.

But what he got was anything but friendly service.

Gibson told FoxNews.com that he was at the Missouri Botanical Garden and called ahead to see it was okay to bring his 4-year-old son in for a meal.

The bar typically does not allow anyone under the age of 21 in, but the manager, Dennis Domachowski, said since it was Father's Day he would allow it.

Gibson ordered a fried chicken dinner for himself, and asked for an extra chicken leg for his son --his son's favorite. Gibson says that the waitress was polite and the meal went off without a hitch. But when he got his receipt, he was shocked to find next to the chicken leg order, "F****n needy kids" typed in.

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When Gibson confronted the server, she said it was a joke, a comment meant only for the kitchen. But Gibson says he didn't see the humor.

“She could have picked better or choice words.  It was deliberately typed in,” he said.

He left the restaurant, but when he got home he called Friendly's back. He says he talked to manager Dennis Domachowski who not only didn't apologize but hung up on him.  That's when he took to Facebook to vent his frustrations.

He posted a picture of the receipt to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Facebook page, writing: "So customers with children are a joke? This place isn't so friendly. I got nowhere with management," he wrote.

Domachowski later told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he apologized for what happened. "I can understand why the gentleman was upset," Domachowski said, "and that's why I apologize."

Gibson told FoxNews.com the whole incident left a bad taste in his mouth and that he has no plans to go back to the restaurant, despite that the bar serves "good food" and has "good specials."

“I am kind of over it now, but an apology at the time it would be kind of nice,” he says.  "I just don't want it to happen to anyone else in the future."