Bagel Bites hopes to solve debate on how dogs should wear pants

Should dog pants have four legs or two legs?

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Some debates will never truly end.

If dogs were to wear pants, it's unclear exactly which legs they should cover, according to a debate that has long raged on the internet. Now, an unexpected source is looking to answer the question for good.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to dog pants. Some believe that dogs would wear pants similar to humans, putting their two back legs through the pants, and then pulling them up over their butts, wearing them around their hips.

On the other side of the argument, some people believe that since dogs have four legs and pants are worn on the legs, dogs would wear pants on all four legs, with the waistline running across their shoulders and hips. This would leave the top half of the dog’s back uncovered.


In an attempt to resolve this debate, Bagel Bites — a brand of mini frozen pizza bagels — took to Twitter and launched a poll, reportedly in honor of National Dog Week, according to People. Bagel Bites also teased a "big reveal" coming on Wednesday, although People reports that Bagel Bites is simply planning to create dog pants based on the winner of the poll.

In a statement obtained by People, Maya McDonald, brand activations lead at Bagel Bites owner Kraft Heinz, said, “Bagel Bites pizza snacks have a long history as the unlikely snacking combination that everyone can agree with. We’re leveraging the universal appeal of the brand to start a healthy discussion because no matter what side of the debate you’re on — we’re all winners when dogs are wearing pants.”


When asked for a comment, this reporter’s dog said “bark” and motioned to the front door. To be fair, it's unclear if she understood the question.