14 fabulous, easy recipes for Thanksgiving dinner leftovers

The days after Thanksgiving can be a bit of food bore if you don't know how to create new flavors from the leftover turkey, vegetables, and stuffing.

But fear not, home cooks. These 14 easy recipes will make turn Thursday's bird into in a brand new flavorful feast.

And who knows? These unique recreations might even be better than the originals.

1. Warm Potato and Turkey Salad


(Lea Berman, America's Table)

Try a refreshing way to use up those leftover potatoes and turkey. Calling all veggie lovers: this recipe has asparagus and baby spinach, and lovely little potatoes coated in an easy mustard-honey dressing.

Recipe: Warm Potato and Turkey Salad

2. Pile High Turkey Sandwich


(Stew Leonard's)

Meat lovers rejoice. Don't be afraid to stack this turkey sandwich sky-high. Homemade cranberry mustard and apple compote give this sandwich a tangy fruity kick.

Recipe: Pile High Turkey Sandwich

3. Arlington Club Roasted Root Vegetable Salad


(Arlington Club)

This hearty side is perfect for any autumn vegetable lover.

Recipe: Roasted Root Vegetable Salad

4. Turkey Soup with Avgolemono & Orzo (Soupa Avgolemono)


(Michael Psilakis)

Avgolemono is a classic Mediterranean style sauce made with eggs and lemon, giving a unique creamy brightness to this hearty soup.

Recipe: Turkey Soup with Avgolemono & Orzo

5. Thanksgiving Leftover Macaroni & Cheese


(Michael Ferraro Delicatessen)

This is definitely the cheesiest way to polish off any food left behind.

Recipe: Thanksgiving Leftover Macaroni & Cheese

6. Turkey Fried Rice


(Dream Downtown)

This versatile recipe allows you to choose your favorite leftovers. Serve this dish as a side or main course.

Recipe: Turkey Fried Rice

7. Arlington Club Turkey Shepherd's Pie


(Arlington Club)

A one-dish wonder to satisfy any of your holiday food cravings.

Recipe: Turkey Shepherd's Pie

8. Recette Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich



Recreate the sweet and savory flavors of turkey day with this simple sandwich.

Recipe: Recette Thanksgiving Sandwich

9. Chef Mimi's special ​after-​Holidays easy turkey cake with fennel apple cabbage slaw


(Chef Mimi)

Just like crab cakes but with a Thanksgiving turkey twist.

Recipe: Easy turkey cake with fennel apple cabbage slaw

10. Wild Rice And Tarragon Turkey Salad



Have any left over turkey? Or want to try an alternative to the traditional holiday main course? This delicious turkey salad by Gatheredtable will delight and impress your guests.

Recipe: Wild Rice and Tarragon Turkey Salad

11. Roasted Squash Quinoa Salad


(Gatheredtable Test Kitchen)

Use any leftover squash or roasted pumpkin to add layers of taste and texture to a traditional hearty fall salad.

Recipe: Roasted Squash Quinoa Salad

12. Day After Turkey Reuben Sandwich


(Stew Leonard's)

For that “Straight From Your NYC Deli” taste, the Day After Turkey Rueben Sandwich will hit the spot.  Rye bread, combined with melted cheese, and all of your festive favorites (gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce) makes for that food for the soul kind of sandwich.

Recipe: Turkey Reuben Sandwich

13. Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese



Salty, creamy brie cheese makes a delicious combination with many different fruits. Use up leftover cranberry sauce to make a delightfully sweet and tangy spread in this gourmet grilled cheese.

Recipe: Roasted Cranberry & Brie Grilled Cheese

14. Deviled Ham Eggs



Leftover ham will add a meaty flair to this classic deviled egg recipe.

Recipe: Deviled Ham Eggs