'Wonder Woman' TV show is not going to be revived at the CW after movie success

With DC Entertainment's “Wonder Woman” a decided hit at the box office, some may have forgotten that the character’s origins were very close to being a serialized TV story just a few years ago. Now, the head of The CW is commenting on the dead project and plans to revive it.

Speaking at the 2017 Television Critics Association fall press tour, CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters that there were no active plans to resurrect the networks failed “Amazon” series. As IndieWire notes, the CW planned to develop an origin story series for the Diana Prince character for the 2012-2013 season. The project was initially in the hands of “Grey’s Anatomy” writer Allan Heinberg, but was soon pushed to the 2013-2014 season and writer Aron Eli Coleite of “Heroes” was brought on. Pedowitz and the network ultimately passed. However, in a twist of irony, Heinberg ended up writing the screenplay to the Gal Gadot-led “Wonder Woman” that’s been dominating the box office for weeks.


“They are about to make a sequel,” Pedowitz told reporters bluntly about the prospect of revisiting the series. “And we have no plans to redevelop ‘Amazon’ at this time.”

It seems that DC and The CW want to limit the amount of double-dipping it does with its superhero properties. Already it’s confusing some of the public with its “The Flash” TV show led by Grant Gustin running in tandem with the upcoming “Flash” movie featuring Ezra Miller. Still, as The Wrap notes, the network is currently focusing its efforts on making a push toward attracting more female viewers while maintaining its popularity as a haven for superhero-based shows. Obviously, “Amazon” could be a way to do that.


However, a much more likely culprit is the same reason Pedowitz gave in 2014 when the pilot for the show was not picked up. He told The Hollywood Reporter that it was just about finding best writer to find the right way in for these characters.

“It all depends on the script. We were very careful with ‘Arrow,’ and we’re being very careful with ‘Flash.’” These are iconic characters, so we’re going to be very careful with ‘Wonder Woman.’ You only get one shot before you get bit.”