She is the daughter of late director Bruce Paltrow, who she nursed through cancer until his death in 2002, and the beloved actress Blythe Danner.

Her godfather is Steven Spielberg.

She is in the super popular "Iron Man" film franchise, and married to super popular musician Chris Martin of the super popular rock band Cold Play.

She is super tall, super pretty, super talented, and super. super healthy.

So why does everyone hate Gwyneth Paltrow?

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Paltrow topped Star magazine’s list of the Most 20 Hated Celebrities, beating out the likes of Chris Brown, Jesse James, Justin Bieber, Matt Lauer and Kristen Stewart, all of whom have their well-documented character flaws.

“As a culture we respect women who have earned their place in the 1 percent. Oprah, Madonna, Beyonce," pop culture expert Natalie Rotman told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column."Gwyneth won an Oscar by the age of 27, was engaged to Brad Pitt, became a Vogue cover girl, and married a rock star. They want to see you sweat."

But it seems the only time one would see Paltrow sweat is when she works out with world-famous trainer Tracy Anderson, a business partner of hers who runs a Tribeca studio that charges around $900 a month.

“It’s just that,” a Hollywood insider quipped. “The elitism.”

That alleged elitism presents itself regularly on her health, lifestyle and culinary-devoted website GOOP, which she started in 2008, complete with the tag line “nourish the inner aspect.” Instantly, the Gwyneth “Know it all” Paltrow meme was born and a slew of  controversies followed, from her endorsement of cleansing regimes to ridiculously expensive meal and vacation suggestions.

For example, in honor of her 200th newsletter of GOOP last November, Paltrow urged her readers to celebrate the milestone with holiday feast of smoked trout on rye hors d'oeuvres, roast pumpkin soup in the pumpkin -- which she described as being "as delicious as it is adorable" -- grilled radicchio wedge, salt-baked sea bass, crispy lemon potatoes, turkey osso bucco and Parmesan polenta.

And don’t forget the paired Cameron Hughes wines, available for purchase from her website (along with a simple white T-shirt that goes for a cool $90 and her hand-selected jeans for $200).

And then there are those weird child-rearing tips.

Paltrow told InStyle magazine that she doesn’t allow her kids to watch television in English. Rather, they must observe the small screen only in French and Spanish. She also revealed in her cookbook “It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great” that her kids are often “left with that specific hunger that comes with avoiding carbs.” That proclamation spurred hundreds of headlines ranging from “Gwyneth Paltrow Starves Her Kids” to “Gwyneth Paltrow: Child Abuse?”

Then there’s the rest of the book, which starts off with Paltrow explaining one occasion in which she feared she was “having a stroke,” but phew, it turned out to be a panic attack, and prompted a diet overhaul. Farewell coffee, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, shellfish, deep-water fish, wheat, meat and soy, as well as processed foods. The New York Post described it as “the manifesto to some sort of creepy healthy-girl sorority,” and The Atlantic Wire referred to is as taking “laughable Hollywood neuroticism about eating to the next level.”

Other critics broke down the financials of the recipes, estimating that eating them would cost a family more than $300 a day.

Defending herself, Paltrow has said that people “get a hit of energy when they are negative” and that while “people are mean” she “doesn’t care.”

And some say she shouldn’t.

“Gwyneth Paltrow is a successful, intelligent, a hardworking woman, and she knows it. Her confidence strikes a nerve with people,” said Ronn Torossian, CEO of New York-based firm 5WPR.  “Although it doesn’t help her here in America when she says ‘The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans.’”

“I actually think Gwyneth’s likability has improved in recent years; she appears fresh-faced, happy and gorgeous,” said celebrity magazine veteran and entertainment expert Jen Birn, adding that Paltrow’s topping of the “Most Hated” list says more about society. “Any angst felt toward Gwyneth now is derived from jealousy – wouldn’t we all like to look like her over 40 with a great husband, career and children? People just seem to be against anyone to trying to do anything other than acting, whether it be preaching a healthy lifestyle or singing. She seems to have gotten more comfortable in her own skin over the years; she glows and comes across as someone you would want to hang out with. If anything, people are intimidated by her and ‘hating Gwyneth’ is justification for them not to strive to be more like her.”