Who Is the Weirdest Celebrity Kid?

The continuing controversy over Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter dressing like a boy got us wondering -- who is the weirdest celebrity kid?

Critics have accused Angelina of dressing 4-year-old Shiloh like a dude -- which could potentially cause gender confusion.

But Jolie says that Shiloh came up with her "Montenegro style" -- consisting largely of tracksuits -- on her own.

"I think she is fascinating, the choices she is making," the actress told Reuters.

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Grandpa Jon Voight, who recently reconciled with his superstar daughter, also approves of Shiloh's boyish haircut and clothes.

"Shiloh's an amazing person," he recently told UsMagazine.com. "I look at the way she dresses and she has a style! And she's only 4 years old!

"Shiloh chooses everything she wears," he added. "The press, they're going to make a lot of stuff about it, but she's incredible."

But Shiloh is not the only celeb kid whose taste is a little . . . out there. Will Smith's 9-year-old daughter Willow sports a shaved head on both sides, and 4-year-old Suri Cruise looks like she just stepped out of a fairy tale.

What do you think: Who is the weirdest celeb kid?