Who Is the Real Sexiest Man Alive?

On Wednesday, we told you that People magazine had named 34-year-old Ryan Reynolds 2010's Sexiest Man Alive.

We get it: Reynolds, star of the upcoming "Green Lantern" blockbuster, has six-pack abs, a good sense of humor, and a gorgeous wife in 25-year-old Scarlett Johansson.

That said, maybe he just hasn't been around long enough -- or reminds us too much of a player who broke our heart -- but Reynolds doesn't make the cut on our personal Sexiest Man Alive list.

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Neither does (gasp!) George Clooney, who always seems kind of smug and pompous, doesn't he?

Or Johnny Depp, who looks like he needs a shower, stat.

Who would we choose?

In our book, People was totally remiss in not including "Spider-Man" star James Franco in their top 12.

Plus, where's Brad Pitt this year? And do People's editors really find Reynolds more attractive than the sweltering Jon Hamm?