Which celebrity is the worst role model for kids?

Don't ask any of these stars to babysit your kids anytime soon!

A recent survey, done by couponcodes4u.com, asked more than 2,000 parents to vote on celebs they felt were negative influences on their children. And it looks like Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus are the king and queen of bad role models!

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Unsurprisingly, Chris Brown was voted as the worst male celeb role model in the poll (71%) -- probably for beating on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009 -- while Miley Cyrus was chosen as the worst female celeb role model (68%) -- likely for her transformation from an innocent Disney star to an R-rated personality.

Other female stars who made the naughty list were Lindsay Lohan (65%), Kim Kardashian (63%), Amanda Bynes (61%) and Farrah Abraham (59%). No surprise there. These ladies have all aired their dirty laundry in the limelight.

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As for the men, following Chris Brown in the "bad role model" group were Kanye West (67%), Justin Bieber (65%), Lil Wayne (58%) and Charlie Sheen (56%). Some have gotten arrested, others just have egos the size of Texas -- but they all have work to do if they want to be mentors.

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