What are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert hiding in sealed divorce records?

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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton went through a lot of trouble to ensure no one would ever see their divorce papers. The country music stars drove nearly two hours away from their Tishomingo, Okla., home to another county to file their divorce petition, which only uses their initials.

The pair also filed a petition for protective order to seal the documents that was granted by associate district judge for Pottawatomie County John D. Gardner, a move which broke the law, former Oklahoma Rep. Aaron Stiles told FOX411.

Stiles said he was curious about what could possibly be contained in the divorce documents that prompted the judge to seal them entirely. He explained a third party would have to sue in order for the Supreme Court of Oklahoma to hear the case and potentially unseal the records.

Bank account information, the stars' net worths and other items of that nature could have simply been redacted, he explained. Stiles said even if there were a number of things that warranted a protective order, only those items should have been sealed. Information regarding minors can be used as a reason to seal the documents but the pair do not have any children.

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"I cannot imagine a compelling privacy interest that would cause a judge to seal [all of the divorce filings]...the outright disregard for our open records law is amazing."

Stiles said the law that he helped to create, only allows a judge to seal divorce, civil and other public court records if a "compelling privacy interest outweighs the public's interest." If a judge agrees to seal the records, he or she must make the sealing order public. In Lambert and Shelton's case, the only record that has been made public is an online docket.

"In Oklahoma, we value open records. I think we have some of the best open records law in the country," Stiles told FOX411. "This law that was passed last year was in response to courts and judges sealing records for friends and prominent individuals and [the law] is a way for the court to apply an equal standard to everyone."

Stiles pointed out that Shelton and Lambert sought out a judge that is set to retire in the coming weeks. He suggested that this along with filing under initials and in a different county was a way for the country stars to skirt the law.

"I personally don't care one way or another about Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton -- I don't even listen to country -- the issue that I have is the fact that prominent individuals, even with the new law, are seeking out judges to seal records....That's not right."

Oklahoma City divorce attorney Sharon Byers told FOX411 the singers' use of their initials and traveling to another county was "uncommon" but not illegal.

"I would not say that that is common [but] I do know personally some [people who have] decided to get a divorce and they filed in another county," Byers said. She added that she she understands why the former couple filed using initials and while she's only seen initials used in regards to children's names, there is "nothing illegal about it."

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Both Byers and Stiles said that since Lambert and Shelton presented the divorce to be an amicable split, there would not have been anything in the filings that would require an order of protection.

"I’m not sure exactly what information would require a court record to be sealed," said Stiles. "The petition could have been very vague and simply say, 'The marriage is hereby dissolved'...I'm not sure exactly what information would require a court record to be sealed."

Byers agreed, "It shouldn’t be very salacious and [Oklahoma is] a no fault state so that should not have come into play."

Lambert and Shelton announced their divorce July 20 in a joint statement but offered no explanation for their split. The two have since engaged in a friendly Twitter exchange in support of their fellow singer and friend Ashley Monroe's new album despite rampant rumors of a nasty split.

"This is not the future we envisioned and it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter."

Reps for the singers did not return FOX411's request for comment. Shelton's lawyer, who is listed on the divorce petition, did not return requests for comment. FOX411 called Judge Gardner multiple times, but he could not be reached for comment.

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