WATCH: 'Donaldo Trumpez' wants border wall to keep Americans out of Mexico

Haven't heard of Donaldo Trumpez? He is a businessman who ranks No. 48 on the list of richest Mexicans and he's  running for president of that country under the slogan, “Make Mexico Great Again,” according to a new Funny or Die video.

Donaldo Trumpez also happens to look exactly like the Mexican-American comedian George Lopez wearing a sideways wig.

In the clip, Trumpez, the host of the fictional reality TV show, "La Maquiladora," explains in Spanish to a fake interviewer from Univision that he's running for president “because I am a winner. I win at everything. I win at business. I win with women.” Then he adds, “And also, I want to make Mexico great again.”

Lopez continues to turn the tables on Donald Trump by mimicking the Republican presidential hopeful's remarks about immigrants and his plan for the southern border of the United States.

“The first thing I am going to do is build a wall on the border of the United States to keep out Americans who are coming here and ruining our country,” Trumpez says.

“When the United States sends their people, they are not sending their best. They’re sending people with lots of problems," the comedian says, echoing Trump's June speech announcing his candidacy. “They only come to Mexico to watch a show with a donkey and to watch women lift up their tops. Mexico is more than that!”

Trumpez goes on to suggest that the Americans going to Mexico are either fugitives from the law who have killed their wives or drunken frat boys "rapists [headed] to Cabo, to Cancún on their Spring Breaks to get drunk and rape each other. It's disgusting.”

As for Mexican drug cartels, Trumpez says they are “out of control” only because America craves their drugs.

“They want cocaine, and they want methamphetamines," he says, adding, "The colors of the American flag should be: Red, white and blow.’”

The clip ends with the candidate telling American tourists, “Together, we can make Mexico great again, but we’ll need a wall, and a big wall. And in that wall, I’ll put a big door that will hit you on your big American ass when you leave.”

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