Video: Florida Georgia Line challenge Garth Brooks

Will these Ice Bucket Challenge videos ever get old? Not likely — and now, popular duo Florida Georgia Line have gone under the bucket, challenging a huge country superstar to follow.

During one of the duo’s concerts in Missouri, they took a few minutes to partake in the viral Ice Bucket Challenge for a good cause. With a crowd full of people, FGL fulfilled their challenge.

“I do believe tonight’s going to be a little different [of a] show than we’ve ever done,” Brian Kelley tells the audience with a laugh, as seen in the video.

FGL Ice Bucket Challenge from Florida Georgia Line on Vimeo.

“I don’t know if you guys have been on the Internet the last, I don’t know, month,” Tyler Hubbard adds. “Have you guys heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge?”

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    “I knew it was gonna happen,” he continues. “I knew we were gonna get challenged, and when you’re in the public eye and you get challenged with things like this, you just kind of have to do it.”

    Hubbard explained a little of how the challenge works to the crowd, who were anxiously awaiting the end result. The singer asked fans to take video so their three victims can hear what they’re being publicly asked to do.

    After calling out a “good buddy,” they broke out the big guns. “I think the second would be hopefully one day our good buddy …Garth Brooks. We’re calling him out,” Kelley says to a screaming crowd.

    Third? A label great. “This next guy is somebody that has done a lot for us, a great buddy and a lot of people know who he is, and I can’t wait to watch him pour a big ol’ bucket of ice water on his head … his name is Mr. Scott Borchetta,” Hubbard adds. Borchetta founded Big Machine Records, as well as discovered now superstar Taylor Swift.

    After a brief drumroll, the duo grabbed their white buckets of ice water and got ready to get cold. With their backsides to the crowd, they simultaneously lifted their buckets and drenched themselves, then taking off their soaking wet tanks, much to the audience’s delight.

    Bring it on, Garth! We’re waiting.

    The Ice Bucket Challenge videos act to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which affects the brains nerves and the spinal cord. Its a disease that leads to death.

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