‘Turn’ star Ksenia Solo says she ‘dodged a bullet’ choosing acting over ballet

Actress Ksenia Solo is one busy lady starring on three TV shows: “Turn” (playing Benedict Arnold's loyalist wife) “Orphan Black” (holistic healer Shey) and “Lost Girl” (Bo's human pal Kenzi). Solo carved out some time in her packed schedule to chat about super fans and how she handles the cattiness of Hollywood.

FOX411:  You’re on three shows.  How did that happen?

Ksenia Solo: A lot of espresso and black tea. Also, I’m a robot so I don’t require too much sleep. Three shows is incredible and to have them all airing at the same time I feel like a very lucky girl.  It’s a lot of hard work.  It’s a lot of flying.  Sometimes I feel like I live at the airport which is totally ok, but a nice king bed would be nice sometimes.

FOX411:  Are you actor friends envious of your success?

Solo:  I don’t know.  I would like to say that my friends are happy for me.  I have friends who do film and TV shows all of the time in exotic locations so technically I should be the jealous one because usually I’m stuck in the dead of winter, which there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m a girl who likes her warmth and sun.  Hopefully one day I’ll get to something in the Caribbean.

FOX411:  Do you favor one character over the other?

Solo:  They’re all so different that I don’t think I do.  I have really been enjoying playing Peggy Shippen on AMC’s “Turn.” It’s something that I’ve never done before.  I’ve always wanted to play a historical figure.  I’ve always wanted to be British secretly in life and on-screen.

FOX411:  You’re very popular in the Comic Con world due to “Lost Girl.”  What’s the strangest run-in with a fan?

Solo:  Being on a show like “Lost Girl” that airs all across the world, we were rated one of the most downloaded shows in the world which was a very cool honor to have.  We have fans everywhere which I think is incredible so we get to meet quite a few of them at these Comic Cons.  The last Comic Con I went to with my lovely co-stars, Chris Holden-Ried and Paul Amos, we went to Dallas, and we decided to have a dance party at our panel, which I think dance parties make everything in life better.  Paul got up on the table.  God bless him, and almost fell.  Then, I got on the table, you know, trying to be very daring.  And I almost fell.  It was sort of embarrassing so hopefully our fans will forgive our clumsiness and lack of being able to table dance.

FOX411:  Before you became an actress, you were a ballet dancer.  You were able to channel that talent in your role in “Black Swan.”  Is the ballet world really that cut throat? Is it worse in Hollywood?

Solo:  I would say as equally as cut-throat and just being able to be in the world just on-screen I was like, “My goodness, maybe I dodged a bullet.”  Because girls can be pretty mean.

FOX411:  Can you give us any details on the upcoming finale of “Turn?”

Solo:  Let’s see. I guess there’s not too much I can ruin because it’s a historical drama so if anyone wanted to they could technically Google what happens.  Let’s just say we’re going to go out with a bang and the Culper ring is in for some danger, and Peggy is going to be put in a really compromising situation, and is really going to have to navigate and save herself, and her love.