Tomi Lahren countersued by Glenn Beck, TheBlaze

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Glenn Beck and TheBlaze are firing back against Tomi Lahren’s wrongful termination lawsuit with a new countersuit filed Monday in Dallas, Texas.

In the countersuit, Beck and TheBlaze insist that despite Lahren’s claims, she still has access to her Facebook account, which she stated in her lawsuit TheBlaze was controlling.

The countersuit also states that Lahren is still employed by TheBlaze, and that her now viral appearance on “The View,” which she claims led to her suspension, had nothing to do with her absence from the air.


“In reality, TheBlaze had employment issues with Lahren for well over a year,” the countersuit claims. “That is the reason why TheBlaze decided that it would not extend Lahren’s employment agreement beyond its expiration in September 2017 even before her appearance on ‘The View.’”

The countersuit refers to Lahren as “divisive” and states she “engaged in conduct that raised serious concerns.” Examples included in the suit are claims that Lahren was “inappropriate and unprofessional” with the crew and “constantly complaining about everything.” The suit also says that the star’s word choices “had to be addressed repeatedly for bordering on profane.”


The suit states that Lahren breached her employment agreement and requests the court issue temporary injunction that would require her public appearances be approved by TheBlaze, among other things.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News reported that Lahren also saw a small court victory on Monday when a judge ruled that she should be able to post on her Facebook page.

Lahren tweeted on Monday that she was all smiles.