Film composer and author Warren Zanes is among those nominated for a Grammy Sunday night, but he is most looking forward to the planned tribute for his friend, the late Tom Petty.

Petty died suddenly on Oct. 2, 2017, shocking his fans and many of those who knew him best. He was 66, and his death was recently revealed to be an accidental overdose due to prescription pills.

Zanes spent countless hours speaking with Petty while working on the legendary artist's biography, which was released in 2015.

Zanes told Fox News that, upon finding out that Petty died of an overdose, he felt "profound loss" and "anger toward the situation with pharmaceuticals."

Zanes has been in touch with Petty's family "to a modest degree" since the star died.

"I think when someone like this dies, their world becomes hurricanes. They're processing loss as they are also dealing with what an estate has to deal with."

He has fond memories of the time he spent interviewing Petty for "Petty: The Biography." 

Zanes said Petty routinely had a fresh pot of coffee brewing in his home, and his yellow Labrador always rushed ahead of him into a room.

"We would sit for four hours just talking about everything," he recalled fondly.

"We would sit for four hours just talking about everything."

— Warren Zanes

Zanes hopes Petty's accidental overdose brings attention to the opioid epidemic impacting many Americans.

The writer earned a Grammy nomination for best film music for "Soundbreaking." He brought his son with him to Madison Square Garden to celebrate music's biggest night.