'The Three Stooges' return to the big screen with slapstick humor, nuns in bikinis and the 'Jersey Shore'

“The Three Stooges” – Moe, Larry and Curly – became household names in the 1930’s with their slapstick  comedy acts, and now they’re ready to take on a whole new generation on the big screen.

“They talk the same, act the same, sound the same, but we wrote all new material and it takes place in the present day,” director Peter Farrelly told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column at “The Three Stooges” premiere in Los Angeles. “But we were careful to have them right on; we wanted them to be exactly like the three Stooges, not a variation of the three Stooges.”

But there’s one thing that has changed – the modern day iconic characters (Chris Diamontopoulos as Moe, Sean Hayes as Larry and Will Sasso playing Curly) meet low-brow reality television. Namely, the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

“It's really just the cast being themselves and hanging out with the Stooges, but obviously hanging out with the Stooges isn't very normal,” Jennifer “J-Woww” Farley said. “It's going to be an amazing film.”

But it’s not just the MTV reality stars who appear in the film. Larry David and Jennifer Hudson play a nuns, along with a few other ladies playing nuns in bikinis and Jane Lynch plays Mother Superior.

“Mother Superior supports them and wishes they weren't so clumsy and violent. She wishes they could have been adopted, but has a very big soft spot for them,” Lynch said. “It’s a great homage to the series. These guys are masterful and so much fun, and bring the stooges to a whole new generation. Its slapstick comedy .What's funnier than someone trying to poke someone else's eyes out?”

And talk about dedication to one’s craft – the Stooges suffered dislocated shoulders, broken fingers, near-broken jaws, fell from a 20-foot rig, and spent sixteen weeks straight poking and slapping each other in the name of humor.

“It is a pleasure and gas getting into character, but getting out of character was weird. If anyone raises their voice at me now, I get twitches,” Sasso added. “But the overall message is that family is important. Be good to your family, even if they are bunion heads.”

“The Three Stooges” opens in theaters April 13.