The Good Wife: Will Alicia Choose Peter or Will?

Her husband is out of prison, but Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) hardly has reason to celebrate. On the season finale of The Good Wife, airing Tuesday at 10/9c on CBS, Alicia must decide whether to stand by her husband Peter (Chris Noth) as he prepares to re-enter the political arena after a sex scandal.

"With Peter's exoneration, the question will turn toward whether politics makes him that way or whether there's something in him himself," series co-creator and executive producer Robert King tells "With him possibly wanting to run again, Alicia faces the idea of, 'Even if I do forgive my husband, does that mean that he will always make these same mistakes?'"

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Alicia also has to figure out if her heart lies with someone else: her old law school friend and boss Will (Josh Charles). Since their passionate kiss earlier this season, however, Will has met someone else: law student Giada Cabrini (Karen Olivo). "As they've said, they have bad timing," King says.

"We don't want to be so simplistic as to say [Giada] is wrong for him, she's kind of right for him. So the question is, will he move down this route of more commitment with another woman?"

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Even if Will chooses Alicia over Giada, Alicia will have to confront new questions about Will and how different he really is (or isn't) from Peter and her past. "Even though he's her boss, does he cut too many ethical corners? Is he some version of her husband?" King says. "It makes her wonder about her own character. Is she always drawn toward the bad boys?"

Although the charges against Peter have been dropped, another factor in the equation is the mounting FBI investigation against Peter and rival Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver). Even worse, Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), Alicia's co-worker and confidant, may decide to testify against both men (she used to work in the state's attorney's office, remember), thanks to increasing pressure from FBI agent Lana Delaney (Jill Flint).

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"There will always be that tension that Glenn Childs has something on [Kalinda], but there's also this tension now with the federal investigation. ... We always find Kalinda is best when she's caught in between," King says. "She is someone who is more of a mercenary, she's not committed to one side or another and so people are always pulling at her. And it's not just career, it's also sexually. So we'll see a lot of push and pull regarding her sexual commitment."

King and his co-executive producer, Michelle King, who are married, promise a definitive answer regarding Kalinda's sexuality, a burning question among fans all season. But Robert King warns that, "like any answer, it kind of leads on to the next question."

As for Alicia, her decision could come down to a third option: none of the above. "So much of the show announces itself as this love triangle, when in fact, maybe the best thing for Alicia altogether is to say, 'Screw this,'" King says. "Part of her rebuilding her personality and her self-worth is this idea that she doesn't need somebody else. That is one of the questions of this season and next season."

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