'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11, Episode 22 recap: Amy finds her wedding dress

As the wedding approaches, the girls on “The Big Bang Theory” tried to help Amy pick out the perfect dress while the boys tried to help her fiance raise an insane sum of money to continue his research in Season 11, Episode 22 of the CBS sitcom.

The episode opens with Raj and Howard meeting up with Sheldon and Leonard after a mixer at the university. Sheldon says he skipped it because he doesn’t support the frivolous things that the university is spending its money on. He notes that his breakthroughs are going to be costly and he’ll need them to have the money soon.

It ends up being sooner than anyone thought when Leonard has the idea to create a microscopic black hole to prove his concept without destroying planet earth. He goes across the hall to find Penny and Amy thumbing through magazines looking for wedding dresses. With the big day right around the corner, it’s time to get serious and find the right outfit.

Before they can do that, they coach Sheldon on the smartest way to ask the university for a whopping $500 million. They suggest asking for less money and being patient over time. Sadly, when Sheldon goes to pitch this to his boss, he low balls it at $20 million. However, he quickly reveals his clever plan to trap the university in a financial hole in an effort to force them to write him a blank check. Needless to say, he goes home empty handed.

The gang tells him to be patient for technology to catch up to his theories, but he’s not on board.

“What if, while I’m being patient, someone more relentless than me badgers their university?” he asks, vowing to raise the money himself.

Sadly, through selling his comic books, including his personal money and an ill-conceived Kickstarter campaign, he’s only able to get $65,000. That’s when Raj suggests he go to Vegas and try gambling. Leonard warns against it, but Sheldon believes his superior math skills will allow him to beat the system and make some serious money. However, his trusting nature and complete inability to not show off gets him immediately nabbed by casino security, who clocked him doing math on a pad of paper.

Ironically-enough, he was about to bet big on the right table before he was carried out.

Meanwhile, Bernadette and Penny find themselves helping Amy try on wedding dresses. She comes out in a beautiful dress, but Penny notes that she can’t purchase the first one she tries on. Later, she emerges from the dressing room in an even prettier dress. Her third try-on, though, is not as lovely. It’s a cut that both Bernadette and Penny hate, but Amy is head-over-heels for it. Later, the duo discuss whether or not they should tell Amy that her dress is hideous. Penny advocates honesty, but Bernadette thinks it’s smarter to leave it alone. In the end, Penny shares her feelings with Amy, who immediately gets mad.

Although Penny is later able to apologize, Amy still feels like her dress is ruined. She doesn’t get her confidence back until later when she’s trying it on again and Sheldon walks in from his unsuccessful Vegas trip and gasps.

“You look beautiful” he says. “You look like a pile of swans.”

Just like that, Amy has found her ideal wedding dress.