It was down to the wire in Brussels, Belgium, on this week of “The Bachelorette,” as Andi Dorfman trimmed her group of six men to the four she will go on hometown dates with.

Andi first took Marcus Grodd on a one-on-one to explore the city. She said she wanted to talk with Marcus more because she had reservations about their relationship --  he told her early on he was thinking of leaving the show.

The two hit it off, though, and Andi left the date saying she was, “excited and ready to meet his family.”

“He is an amazing guy who is resilient and strong,” she said.

“Today’s the first day I actually feel like she’s my girlfriend,” Marcus said beaming.

Andi headed back to her hotel room thinking her evening was over, but sneaky Nick Viall, who has quickly become this season’s “villain,” seized the opportunity to find her.

“You don’t get things you don’t ask for,” he said laughing, as he approached the hotel reception desk and pretended to forget his room number.

“It’s under my wife’s name,” he said smirking. “Andi Dorfman.”

A gullible receptionist (didn’t she see all of the cameras following Nick?) gave him Andi’s room number.

“This is a risk I think will pay off,” he said.

When he knocked on Andi’s door, she was shocked but thrilled.

“It is breaking the rules and there is for a slight moment of feeling guilty and knowing that I just came off a one-on-one date and I’m going on another one tomorrow,” she said. “But they should want to come sneak over. This is week seven, go for it.”

The pair went for a walk through the city.

“If I had to choose one word to describe my relationship with Nick it would be passion,” Andi said.

The next morning, Andi took Josh Murray to the city of Ghent.

She still couldn't seem to shake the fear Josh is like every other athlete she’s known.

“Josh has the personality that every girl is attracted to, but I want to know I’m the girl that Josh feels bigger and deeper things about,” she said. “When I’m with Josh I feel unbelievable. My feelings are so undeniable for Josh that deep down I’m afraid that he could be the one who breaks my heart.”

Josh surprised Andi, though, and finally discussed his emotions.

“I am falling in love with you and I love the way it feels,” he said.

Andi couldn't hold back a huge grin.

“And now I know, which is very, very comforting to me," she said.

Nick stirred it up again on this week’s group date, getting the only rose and beating out Chris Soules, Dylan Pettit and Brian Osborne for alone time later that night.

“At this point I feel like it’s me and no one else,” Nick said.  “If I was anyone else here I would just leave.”

“Three awesome guys who are here for the right reasons didn’t get roses tonight and one of them that every single person here does not respect got one,” Chris said grumbling as he and the other two got in a van to return to the hotel early.

Andi and Nick enjoyed a private fireworks display.

Nick returned to the hotel later on with an evil grin and the rose on his jacket, and the guys greeted him with complete silence. Five minutes of uncomfortable, dead silence.

Marcus (finally) cleared the air.

“I think you like to get in our heads and prey on people who are insecure at times,” he said.

“I think everybody feels uncomfortable with the way you talk about strategy,” Chris chimed in. "You’re more of a gamer and you’re not here for the right reasons.”

“I can’t control what guys think about me. I didn’t come here to be in a frat house,” Nick said. “I’m pretty confident that I’m going to end up with Andi.”


Dylan and Brian are eliminated at the rose ceremony, leaving Marcus, Chris, Josh and Nick to bring Andi to their hometowns next week.