Taylor Swift named next-of-kin by dead pilot

In a bizarre turn of events a Canadian pilot who died in a plane crash last month named country-pop superstar Taylor Swift as his next of kin.

As reported by The Tennessean, on October 29, Michael Callan’s plane plummeted at the Nashville International Airport, 500 miles from his intended destination. He circled the airport for over two hours and crashed when attempting to land his Cessna 172R.

The 45-year-old listed the country-pop superstar as his next of kin with the flying club in Canada. The Federal Aviation Administration passed on the information to Taylor Swift’s office.

"The first we heard of this was when the appropriate authorities contacted Taylor's management about the crash," Paula Erickson, the singer's publicist, wrote in an e-mail response to the Tennessean. "Taylor does not know this person."

The “Red” singer has called Nashville home for several years and is firmly entrenched in the city’s country music community winning the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s Songwriter/Artist of the Year for a record six times. The songbird, 23, lives in a three bedroom duplex that boasts 20 foot windows and stunning views.

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