'Sweet/Vicious' star Eliza Bennett says dramatic comedy about campus rape walks fine line

British actress Eliza Bennett stars as Jules on the new MTV dramedy "Sweet/Vicious."

The show is being described as a superhero story for the millennial generation. It follows two college students who lead doubles lives -- as regular college students who also serve as vigilantes who take revenge against the men who raped women on campus.

"The show focuses on these two women who moonlight as vigilantes who are avenging sexual assault victims on campus, so I mean, the topic right now feels very timely," Bennett told FOX411. "But it's obviously been an issue forever. We as a country are sort of just catching up to it."

She added MTV is the perfect network for the show as it reaches a younger audience who are either in college or heading to college.

"I'm excited that we have access to the people that hopefully we can speak to the most [people we can]."

For more of our interview with Bennett, watch the video above.