Suki Waterhouse's Sheer BFA Frock and Jessica Alba's Trendy Braided 'Do

Here's what's going on out there:

English model Suki Waterhouse (also the current girlfriend of actor Bradley Cooper) turned up for the British Fashion Awards wearing a see-through blue frock, seemingly with no bra underneath. We've included a censored photo below, because the laws of modern decorum dictate that the sight of a supermodel's blurry nipples will immediately send the world into a swift downard spiral.

Looking for a new 'do, but not something as drastic as ? How about the trendy side-braid Jessica Alba wore to Comic-Con earlier this year? Watch the video above to see how Christine Healey of the Rita Hazan Salon recreates this easy, effortless look.

Speaking of Alba, RadarOnline recently described the actress' bikini body as "scary skinny" and "skeletal" after seeing one of her latest Instagram posts (below). And while it's true that she does look a bit thin, there was certainly a nicer way to go about saying it. Maybe start by offering her a ham sandwich, like our doting grandmother used to do:

Christian Bale remarked that he's sick of George Clooney complaining about the paparazzi, saying that Clooney should "stop whining." Bale made the aforementioned remarks in WSJ magazine, which you might recognize as the most unexpected (and least interesting) arena that two Batmen have ever duked it out.

GQ magazine released its 2014 list of the "Hottest Women in Culture," which included "Game of Thrones" actress Natalie Dormer, rapper Nicki Minaj and Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel, among others. In other words, it was just an excuse to cram a bunch of attractive women into a slideshow, which is something we know a lot about.

Madonna posed completely topless for a spread in the December/January issue of Interview magazine (you can see the issue's cover below), most likely because the 56-year-old entertainer is trying to solidify herself as the Kim Kardashian of the baby boomer generation.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin will officially be replacing Joan Rivers on the next season of E!'s "Fashion Police," but her debut episode won't air until January 2015. We're not entirely sure why she's waiting so long, but we're guessing it has to do with the beaurocracy of obtaining her fashion police badge.

After Amy Poehler remarked that she didn't know if her dinner with John Stamos was a date, John Stamos confirmed to Extra that he definitely did intend it as a date. In related news, a woman in Des Moines who once gave John Stamos directions through town still considers their interaction as a date, despite what her friends keep telling her.

Kendall Jenner dressed up as a sexy Santa Claus for LOVE magazine's 2014 Christmas Video Advent Calendar (whatever that is), but we think she's dressed more like a sexy Santa impostor. The real Santa would wear more protective clothing to prevent bruises and scrapes when he's shimmying down a chimey:

Just days after announcing his poor financial and living situations, former Creed frontman Scott Stapp has started an online crowdfunding campaign to raise $480,000 to finance his third solo album and a fictional novel. Because if that album fails to get him out of the hole, a crappy fictional novel from a first-time author sure will.

As reported by TMZ, rapper 50 Cent's bank accounts have been frozen following his failure to pay a $17 million judgement to a headphone company. However, despite this setback, he will never be as destitute as Scott Stapp.

As part of his new #FeelNoShame campaign, Prince Harry admitted that he gets "incredibly nervous" and anxious before any public speaking engagement (below). Why that is, we have no idea, because he could literally read us the phone book and we'd be applauding by the time he got to "Aaron Aames."

Former Spice Girl and current "America's Got Talent" judge Mel B revealed that she was once involved in a four-year relationship with a woman. Mel B's partner was also revealed to be the mother of one of her daughter's schoolmates, and not Ginger Spice, as your pervy cousin Will keeps hoping.

Even though she's rich enough to afford any table setting in the world, Kate Hudson told E! that she's been gifting her mother an "extraordinarily expensive" china set a few pieces at a time over the course of six years. In the meantime, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are likely eating breakfast out of frisbees.

And finally, the Girl Scouts of the USA have announced that they'll soon be making their cookies available for purchase online. In other words, we'll no longer need to leave our couches to feel shame about how many boxes of Caramel D'Lites we just ordered.