Steve Wilkos might be getting off easy after flipping his car in a drunk driving incident in January. The charge will be erased from his record in the event he completes Connecticut’s alcohol education program.

According to The Advocate, a judge granted Wilkos admission to the diversionary program on Monday during a hearing in Stamford Superior Court. In the event he finishes the program, the DUI charge will be wiped from his record. Additionally, the star previously said that he completed a stint in rehab in an effort to fix his struggles with drinking.

As previously reported, Wilkos told the press that he usually wears glasses when he drives, but wasn’t wearing them at the time of the accident. He even claimed that he was reaching for his spectacles when his car hit several roadside objects before flipping on its passenger side. The ensuing injuries forced Wilkos’ talk show to go on a brief break while he recovered.

Soon after, it came to light that the glasses story was not true, and that the star was drunk behind the wheel when he was charged by Darien, Conn. police with DUI.  Now, the star will complete a 15-week educational program and take part in a panel with victims of drunk driving.

Wilkos was the security director on "The Jerry Springer Show." He says he had a "complete lapse in judgment" when he drove drunk. His lawyer says he has dealt with the issue very seriously.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.