Stan Lee files restraining order for elder abuse against former business manager

Stan Lee has reportedly asked a Los Angeles court for protection from his business manager, Keya Morgan, just one day after news broke that Morgan had been arrested.

According to TMZ, Lee, 95, filed a restraining order in L.A. against Morgan, with the case type reportedly labeled as “Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention.” The classification is for the protection of a person above 65 years old or between 18-64 with physical or mental disabilities that keep him or her from caring for themselves.

The restraining order can be granted to victims of both physical and financial abuse. It's unclear at this time if Lee believes Morgan was trying to harm him or steal from him. Police, however, are investigating Morgan over reports of elder abuse.

Police have been investigating reports of elder abuse against Lee since at least February, and had issued an emergency order keeping Morgan from Lee before Wednesday's order was issued.

As previously reported, Morgan was taken into custody Monday on $20,000 bail for suspicion of filing a false police report. Morgan was arrested for calling 911 saying burglars were in his house when in fact authorities were conducting a welfare check on Lee.

The restraining order says the former adviser has inserted himself into the life of the 95-year-old Lee. It accuses Morgan of taking advantage of Lee's impaired hearing, vision and judgment, moving Lee from his longtime family home and preventing family and associates from contacting him.

Two days prior to the arrest, the Marvel comics icon released a video on Twitter naming Morgan as his only true representation and warning fans against people who are simply using his name for profit.

“Anybody else who claims to be my rep is just making that story up. I just want to put it on the record. If you want me, call me, if you can’t get me, call Morgan,” Lee said of the man he now filed a restraining order against. “The two of us are working together and conquering the world side-by-side.”

Detectives said in police reports that in interviews Lee acknowledged that Morgan had helped him, but would frequently forget his name when talking about him.

Lee has been in the public eye a lot following the death of his wife of 70 years, Joan, in 2017. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, his estate has been the subject of controversy since he signed a declaration in April alleging that his daughter, 67-year-old J.C. Lee, was asking for money and physically abusing him. Stan Lee claimed his daughter was being manipulated by three men with “bad intentions” seeking to gain control of his immense finances from the creation of hit characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, The Hulk, The X-Men and many more.

Morgan was one of the three men Lee claimed his daughter was being manipulated by. However, just days after the declaration was notarized, Lee released a video distancing himself from it and later fired the attorney who presided over it. In the video, he personally named Morgan as his friend and called the material from the declaration incorrect and false. This prompted many to speculate that Lee, who is elderly and suffered from recent bouts of bad health, was under the thumb of Morgan in alliance with J.C.

Since that time, Morgan has been close to Lee, accompanying him to events and conventions as well as helping him with his videos for social media.

Representatives for Lee did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.