Source: Whitney Houston remained close with daughter Bobbi Kristina up until the end

The world was shocked and saddened to learn of singer Whitney Houston’s death today at the age of 48. However, earlier this week the Grammy-winner was in a festive mood, celebrating award season with her 19-year old daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

“They were amazingly close,” journalist Jawn Murray told of Houston’s relationship with her daughter. Murray interviewed Houston and Brown many times over the years.

“They had a relationship that really resembled the relationship that Whitney Houston had with her own mother, Cissy Houston," Murray said. "Whitney loved her daughter. Bobbi Kristina was her only child and her pride and joy. Because of that, she treasured her.”

Despite divorcing in 2007, Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown did their best to keep things civil for the sake of their daughter.

“Let me tell you, after Bobby and Whitney’s divorce, they had a functioning, healthy, blended family,” explained Murray. “Less than a week ago, Bobby, his girlfriend Alicia, their new child, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina were all photographed having a family dinner. (Brown and Houston) still liked each other as people, and got along very well for the sake of Bobbi Kristina.”

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But now that Bobbi Kristina has lost her mother, fans and friends are worried about how the aspiring dancer, actress and musician will cope.

“Whitney had a very public struggle with drug addiction, and a drug addiction not only affects your family relationships–it affects everything,”psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman, who has not treated Houston, told “Now, it’s especially important for Bobbi Kristina to surround herself with people who love her, support her and who she trusts. And it’s especially important at a time like this not to turn to drugs or alcohol.”

“I want Bobbi Kristina to recognize that her mom was an American treasure, a music icon and really someone who set the precedent for so many others to follow,” suggests Murray. “If she could really focus on the contributions to American music, I think it would help her cope with the loss. I’m praying for her, as I’m sure lots of other people are as well. I really hope that this is something that she can come out of and be OK after she processes it all.”