It surprised many when Halle Berry and ex Gabriel Aubry quietly and amicably reached an agreement after a brutal Thanksgiving fight and long custody battle. But according to an insider closely connected to the case, the couple essentially struck the deal because neither side wanted to endure court appointed psych tests.

Details of the agreement have not been revealed, but the insider told FOX 411 psych tests that are typically required in these circumstances, and neither side wanted deal with that.  

“The deal allows them to share custody for now and avoid the psych tests etc. But the next time something happens they could both loose temporary custody, so it is a risky deal,” explained the source. “But also Aubry does have a criminal liability (stemming from the Thanksgiving Day fight) and he doesn’t want to lose the $20,000 a month he gets from Halle (in child support) so he was motivated to strike a deal as well.”

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We’re told that though the deal spared them from some of the legal drama, they will still be monitored by family court and a court-designated legal representative for the child is still likely.
The custody battle between Berry and Aubry over their four-year-old daughter Nahla intensified last month when the Oscar-winning actress sought the court’s permission to relocate Nahla to Paris, where her fiancé Oliver Martinez primarily resides. The bid was rejected.

And even though custody issues have been settled, Aubry is still due in court on Dec.13 after being arrested on Thanksgiving for allegedly initiating the altercation with Martinez – an accusation he fervently denied, insisting that it was the other way around. We’re told it is up to the city attorney as to whether charges are pressed, but that it is highly unlikely.

Representatives for Berry and Aubry did not respond to a request for comment.

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