Jennifer Aniston is the ultimate tabloid staple, from rumored fights with Angelina Jolie and texts with ex-husband Brad Pitt to reports of pregnancy, adoption, and everything in between.

But it seems the former "Friends" star may have finally had enough of some "friends."

According to an insider, Aniston is determined to find the leaks within her extended circle and is thus relaying not-so-accurate information in an effort to pinpoint who exactly is the rat.

"A lot of celebrities do it, its all a game to find out who is doing the betraying," the insider told FOX411's Pop Tarts column. "It's common for a lot of celebrities to do this."

Aniston's rep said such a thing was "absurd and completely false."

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Aniston, 43, and her long-time boyfriend Justin Theroux, 41, announced their engagement over the weekend.

Theroux popped the question at a corner table at Blue Hill restaurant in New York City on August 10, People.com reports. Tabloids will be in a fever frenzy to be the first with details about their wedding plans, honeymoon plans, and pretty much every move the couple makes, so if Aniston does have friends with loose lips, this would indeed be the ideal time to find out who could be spilling her private beans.

Theroux and Aniston have known each other for years, but started dating more than a year ago after working on the comedy "Wanderlust." The two moved in together and tabloids soon began predicting everything from marriage to babies for the new couple.

It's a theme that irked the former "Friends" actress.

"It's very narrow-minded, I think. It doesn't measure the level or my happiness or success in my life and my achievements or any of that," she told "CBS This Morning" earlier this year. In the same interview, she said she was happier than she'd ever been.