'Sons of Guns' star: Gun rights opponents 'aren't knowledgeable'

Will Hayden knows a thing or two about guns… to say the least.

The star of Discovery Channel’s hit series “Sons of Guns” works with his family to run their booming business, Red Jacket Firearms. As a result, Hayden is used to hearing criticism from those who oppose gun ownership.

“Most [gun opponents] aren’t knowledgeable,” he told FOX411. “It’s a real quick knee-jerk reaction to ‘don’t hurt me.’”

He explained that a key to safe gun ownership is understanding what kind of firearm you can handle.

“Use the largest handgun you can properly control,” he advised.

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    On the show, customers often come to Hayden’s company when they are looking for unique weapons. Though sometimes their requests may be eccentric-- like when one customer requested a cannon be put into his car-- unlike with some other reality shows the drama isn’t amped up, Hayden insisted.

    “When we started there were a couple reality shows that were based on real people. It’s not like it is today. Today, they’re all so hyper dramatic. You can see the fevered writing going on behind each little scene of how to instill more venom and horror into everything,” he said. “You need to get a spotlight on you, but [‘Sons of Guns’ isn’t] like that.”

    And even though his show is a big hit, Hayden isn’t fazed by the fame.

    “Hype’s hype,” he said. “No one’s got time for foo-foo.”