Grammy and Golden Globe nominated Frank Stallone has an original song, “Don’t Want to Fight with Me,” in his brother Sylvester Stallone's latest movie “The Expendables 2," in theaters now.

Frank joined us in the FOX411 studio to discuss his cool career, and how his famous family has banded together in the wake of the untimely deaths of his nephew Sage Stallone, and half-sister, Toni Ann Filiti.

“We went to the ["Expendables 2"] premiere after suffering a few tragedies in our family. It was something to kind of get our minds off all of that," Stallone said. "My sister passed away Sunday and she was very young but I tell people she was a very, very, very heavy smoker. It was a terrible thing. She just turned 52."

Frank said the family has pulled together in what has been an incredibly rough month, explaining that his music has helped him come to terms with loss in the past, and also help others deal with their own problems. And it was the Stallone brothers' shared love of music that had them working together yet again on the "Expendables 2" soundtrack.

“I knew it was going to be a huge movie and I knew Sylvester was going to use old songs. This is an opportunity to put an original song in there, and I put an original song in there,” explained Stallone.

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Stallone hopes “Don’t Want to Fight with Me” will be his ticket to another Golden Globe nomination. His song "Far From Over," from the 1983 blockbuster "Staying Alive," was nominated for a Golden Globe and a Grammy.

“It’s nice to be on top. It’s nice to have a hit record and be recognized by your peers,” Stallone said, adding that out of the two brothers, he's the only one with musical ability. Frank even joked that Sylvester would love to be a great singer over being a movie star.

“(Sly) knows music. In other words, he’s very clever with music in the movies," Frank said. "I’m kind of like his voice, but he’ll tell me how to sing, which is really funny.”

The single “Don’t Want to Fight with Me” is available on www.frankstallone.com. Check out Frank' live performance of the song in the FOX411 studio in the video above.