Shakira Fumbles Colombian National Anthem at Americas Summit

Oh no! Shakira pulled a Christina Aguilera moment at the VI Cumbre de las Américas event as she sang the incorrect lyrics to Colombia’s national anthem.

To make matters worse, a new edited version of the performance has reappeared in Shakira’s official YouTube, showing Shakira singing the correct words.

Perhaps President Obama being in attendance got the hip-shaking singer nervous.

The event, which was held in Cartagena Colombia, paid tribute to the underserved Afro-Colombian communities in the country.

In did not take long for the small mistake to reach Twitter, as fans could not believe the Colombian native screwed up the national anthem.

“Shakira needs to be told to learn the [Colombian] national anthem,” tweeted a fan named Juan Carlos Iragorri. “The words are “en surcos de Dolores” not “el surco…”

Turns out Shakira modified two parts of the Colombian National anthem.

Instead of singing “ ¡En surcos de Dolores,” Shakira said “El surco de Dolores.” The Baranquilla born singer also said “La libertad de sublime,” instead of saying  “La libertad sublime .”

“I just imagined Shakira googling the national anthem last night,” posted Karen Julia on Twitter, while Natalia de la Vega poked fun at the star saying that Shakira “finally feels Colombian and remembered the Colombian national anthem."

Despite the subtle errors, some fans on defended Shakira for multiple reasons.

“I support Shakira in coming here to sing the national anthem,” Sylvana Gómez tweeted. “She is the most important artist in Latin America and in the world.”

Last week, on the eve of the Americas Summit, Shakira announced  her alliance of foundations to fund quality education for low-income children.

The alliance,which will invest $24 million during the first two years, comprises the superstar's Pies Descalzos foundation, the Colombian Culture Ministry and several other NGOs.

"It's an alliance specifically for the construction of 13 early-education centers that will benefit 6,200 kids with quality teaching," Shakira said at an event in Cartagena's Bicentenario neighborhood.

The 13 educational centers will be built in the Colombian provinces of Bolívar, Cundinamarca, Magdalena, Atlantico and Choctó, all with high rates of extreme poverty.

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