Selena Gomez reportedly avoiding alcohol following stint in rehab

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Selena Gomez returned to the stage on Saturday when Taylor Swift brought her on as a surprise guest at the Rose Bowl.

And we hear Gomez — who spent a two-week stint at a luxury rehab facility in February, and recently underwent a kidney transplant from lupus — is living clean.

Sources said the singer held a dry bash at her California home last week for a pal’s birthday.

“Alcohol was not at the party,” said one attendee. “Selena is really focusing on her health.”

“It was a family friendly party with a bouncy house and kids.”

We hear Gomez is still getting help from wellness facility Privé-Swiss in Connecticut, where she underwent a program that included therapy and fitness classes.

She’s previously said she entered treatment for depression and anxiety.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post.