Sean Penn almost named son after popular menu item

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Sean Penn's love of red meat almost impacted his son in a very real way.

“My dad wanted to name me 'Steak,' the food, because he loves it so much,” Hopper Penn told Interview magazine.

Hopper has his mom, Robin Wright, and the actor Dennis Hopper to thank for his dad's change of heart.

“It has to do with Dennis Hopper; my dad was friendly with him and idolized him,” Hopper said. “What they told me is that I hopped in her stomach, I didn’t kick, so they went with that.”

Hopper, 22, has reluctantly followed his famous parents into the acting biz with his first role in Sean Penn's widely panned "The Last Face." Hopper said he wanted to be a production assistant on the film, but his dad pushed him into an acting role.

“My dad is a really good actor, and there are a lot of s**ty actors, and I definitely think I’m one of them,” Hopper said.

But successful at acting or not, at least his name isn't Steak.